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Playnance, a white-label Web3 games provider and B2B platform, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with, an emerging entity in the fintech sector. With the new deal, Playnance provides with a robust platform for ethical traffic monetization.

A Thriving Web3 Gaming Ecosystem 

Playnance offers traffic owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs easy traffic monetization via its plug-and-play white-label solution.

Currently, the studio’s products are listed among the leading iGaming services on Polygon based on the number of transactions. UpvsDown, Playnance’s flagship game, was ranked as the top Polygon-based iGaming project and the top 10 among all games on all blockchains based on transaction count. This is the white-label iGaming solution Playnance has recently provided to

As of today, Playnance’s Web3 gaming ecosystem processes 200,000 transactions daily on Polygon PoS. Additionally, the organization distributed more than 450 million MATIC in six months, further indicating the GameFi market’s substantial growth.

A Win-Win Solution for Playnance’s Partners

Combining a unique business model with the booming Web3 gaming sector, Playnance’s white-label product offers its partners a decentralized, non-custodial, and out-of-the-box service. It is a fully automated solution designed to maximize scalability, and it can be launched in two hours. With this model, partners start generating revenue without managing a dedicated team or operational expenses.

Through Playnance’s revenue-sharing model, partners receive passive income with each win within P2P trading games. This promotes a positive relationship between partner profitability and the ecosystem’s growth. There’s no risk of cheating or fraud: smart contracts enforce immutable and transparent game rules to foster player trust and ensure a fair gaming experience.

With Playnance, partners can enjoy automated licensing, tax obligations, platform maintenance, and regulatory compliance without the operational burden. The white-label solution enables Web3 projects to tap into its proven infrastructure and eliminates game development’s complexities. Consequently, partners can create tailored gaming experiences at speed, with user base expansion at the center of attention.

“We are delighted to form a partnership with With our plug-and-play white-label solution, our new partner can implement Playnance’s ethical approach to traffic monetization and unique revenue-sharing model to enhance its financial ecosystem. There’s no operation burden for Bitupwin; we handle everything from maintenance to compliance and taxes. With the widespread popularity of games within Playnance’s ecosystem, I believe iGaming will soon become a major trend reshaping the GameFi market in the coming years,” said Yaniv Baruch, Playnance’s COO.

The Road to a More Engaging and Rewarding Gaming Landscape

Under the new partnership, Playnance’s state-of-the-art white-label product will equip with a robust Web3 gaming platform. The latter is tailored to empower financial services through ethical traffic monetization. will earn fees from the trading volume generated within the Playnance ecosystem.

iGaming and GameFi, valued at $107.3 billion and $14.8 billion each, are two very dynamic markets that are expanding rapidly on a global scale. With the Playnance ecosystem’s unique business model and revenue-sharing, both Bitupwin and Playnance can tap into these two sectors to foster their projects’ growth.

GameFi has a bright future ahead. Upcoming projects will provide players with both an entertaining gaming experience and real financial value. Showcasing blockchain’s potential, such solutions aim to create a more interactive, rewarding, and engaging landscape for gamers.

About Playnance

Playnance is a white-label Web3 games provider and B2B Web3 platform offering easy traffic monetization for traffic owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs. All Playnance transactions are powered by smart contracts, lowering fraud risk for partners and players. The platform has completed a CertiK audit with results in the top 10%.

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