Ettenig Sayam’s Aren & Elise Will Grace the London Book Fair — A Transformative Tale of Passionate Love

Explore ageless love at the London Book Fair with Ettenig Sayam’s Aren & Élise — a transformative tale challenging conventions. Join two souls on a journey of passion, culture, and miracles. Love knows no bounds in this captivating narrative.

United States, 26th Feb 2024, King NewsWireAuthor Ettenig Sayam will showcase her novel, Aren & Élise, at the prestigious London Book Fair. This modern retelling of the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah challenges preconceptions about passionate love, age, and the spiritual dimensions of intimacy.

Aren & Élise introduces readers to Aren Karajian, a widowed sixty-two-year-old solar technology engineer originally from Armenia, and Élise Douchet, a fifty-year-old French teacher from French Saint Martin and Haiti. Élise’s self-discovery at a Vermont hiking retreat sets the stage for a chance encounter with Aren, leading to a sultry and exotic romance.

Key Highlights:

  • Second Act of Life: The novel explores whether mature individuals can undergo profound transformation akin to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, challenging societal norms about age and love.
  • Cultural Richness: With characters hailing from Armenia, Canada, and Haiti, “Aren & Élise” weaves a diverse and culturally rich tapestry into the narrative, adding depth to the characters’ stories.
  • Miraculous Love: The story delves into the complexities of love, intimacy, and the miraculous events that can unexpectedly reshape lives and relationships.

The work transcends traditional romance; it’s a contemplation on the intersection of age, love, and spirituality. Ettenig will present her transformative tale at the London Book Fair, inviting international readers to explore this captivating narrative.

The book is available now on Bookside Press and Amazon.

About Ettenig Sayam:

Ettenig Sayam, a debut author known for emotionally resonant storytelling, presents Aren & Élise. It offers readers a transformative narrative challenging conventional notions of love and age.

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