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A Guide to Strategies for Crypto Trading

Crypto trading strategy by UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022,  Crypto trading is high risk but also high reward. Like other transactions, there is no collateral in crypto transactions. The benefits of crypto trading are indeed very considerable. Many people rely on this to make money, but this is very risky, and most people are not suitable. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Crypto trading

You must have heard of Ponzi schemes, high volatility, price swings, and margin sell-offs that have made some bold, cool-thinking traders earn a lot of money, especially during bull markets.(UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Cryptocurrency is an unstable thing. When the currency price is depreciated like the Bolivar currency, most people will be afraid of losing too much and choose to sell. At this time, there will be some more experienced traders who can profit from it.

This article mainly introduces you to some of the most common trading strategies for cryptocurrencies that you can use in your future trading. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Technical analysis

To learn crypto trading, you first need to understand the basic principles of cryptocurrency technology. If you have no relevant experience, you need to learn from the basics of how to see icons, how to draw lines, and how to set prices. If you have some experience trading foreign exchange and stocks, you can skip the step above. But cryptocurrencies are different from ordinary foreign exchange and stocks. Ordinary price trends are stable and can be analyzed according to technical methods. The price of cryptocurrencies is unstable, the market moves fast, and it is vulnerable to price manipulation. This requires a certain degree of experience to be well adapted to the operation of cryptocurrencies. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Crypto Trading Strategies

Strategy 1: Hodl (hold for the long term)

Hodl was from a person on the Bitcointalk forum who had miswritten “holding” as “hodling”. The typo was then widely circulated, eventually morphing into an acronym for “hold on for dear life”. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Hodl does not require skill or experience for beginners, everyone can do it, but it is a long-term currency trading strategy.

The Hodl strategy mainly requires you to buy a potential currency, store it, and sell it later. But this strategy has great drawbacks. First of all, you cannot ensure that the currency you buy has the potential to increase in value in the future, while it may even depreciate in value. Secondly, there may be network problems, there are too many uncertain factors in the future, and there is also the problem of lost password keys. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

If you bought bitcoin at a price of $3,000 in 2016, and the price rose to $30,000 without selling it, you missed an opportunity to earn $20,000+. You may want to wait for it to rise again, but it keeps falling to 5000. It’s not that simple to be able to sell at the best opportunity, but it’s worth it at $20,000. The long-term game is important, but you’re better off profiting when prices rise sharply. This is a prudent and sensible approach to maintaining liquidity. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Strategy 2: Swing Trading

It is a short-term trading strategy that can use technology to manipulate prices. To be proficient, you need to understand basic technical analysis knowledge. When you understand this part of the technology, your market observation, and the price movement will be very keen. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Swing trading is all about making the right move at the right time. It is very simple to maximize the profit as much as possible during the period of market price instability. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The key factor in trading is to set a budget in advance every time you trade to prevent excessive losses. As long as there is a profit each time, even if the profit is not very high, it is fine. High-profit opportunities in the market are generally difficult to capture, and low profit by reducing losses is the highest priority swing trade. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Strategy 3: Day Trading 

Day trading is mainly about making quick and sensible decisions, which can minimize your losses and maximize your profits. It is impossible to make a 100% accurate decision. If you encounter a huge loss, you can guarantee to close your position.

Day trading takes a lot of time every day to seize the favorable price trend for trading. This is extremely challenging for beginners. Newcomers may not know basic technical analysis and have little experience in the market. Although the return of this transaction is huge, it takes a long time for beginners to accumulate and pay a lot of tuition before they can make a profit. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Day traders need to keep an eye on price movements, prevent losses, and avoid long and short traps and losses. As a day trader, learn to identify possible support or resistance, enter the trade at a better time, set a target, and set a stop loss price. Every market price movement is an opportunity for you, and you need to seize every possible profit opportunity. This way you can become a qualified cryptocurrency day trader in no time. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

These are the main cryptocurrency trading strategies.

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